The colour purple, is a colour of dreamers … A universe that No-Mad is particularly fond of. It loves to dive into the imaginary world and emerge full of new ideas. Purple, is the new colour which sets the tone for No-Mad.

With purple, one plays heads or tails… this colour and what it symbolizes are like a double edged sword. One loves it passionately or else one is capable of turning ones back to it. At No-Mad we at times subdue the harsh side of the colour to make it vibrate from the depth. We only opt for the positive side of the colour… The one that symbolizes sweetness and dream. Purple is therefore:



Isn’t purple, a colour of the 7th chakra, the crown chakra? The seat of accomplishment of a man, the one that connects with divine essence?


This colour calms spirits and certain emotions; it also controls angers, anguish.


Purple brings calm, sweetness with at times a touch of melancholy. It also symbolizes the passage from life to death.


This colour is the fruit of the marriage of blue and red. It also closes the spectre of the rainbow.


Coming soon…

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