Contemporary Craftsmanship

Fusion of Imagination, Tradition and Innovation

Indian craft is soaked in culture, textures, palettes and formats. What makes the current pool of Indian contemporary designers stand out is the novelty of thoughts they bring in, effortlessly blending the characteristic traditional elements and fresh air of modernity that takes on culture. The journey of conceptualization to a finished product delivered with a premium label is tedious. Designers from India have their roots steadfast ingrained in the timeless traditions and cultural aura, whilst perpetually working in tandem with trending styles and luxury branding of products.

Creativity takes shape from the surroundings, developed with personal thoughts and overall formative style that needs to be clearly defined and reflect on the outcome, whether a fashionable piece of clothing or a lavish Home décor item. What is most revered and appreciated about Indian weaves and craftsmanship is the distinct earthiness and rich sense of belonging presented in various artforms, such as the incense stick holders that reverberate the architectural and religious sentiments or the handmade soaps and cosmetics formulated from completely natural products to cater to the need of socially giving and beauty-conscious niche audience.

Indian workmanship is being discussed, liked and recognized across the Western countries and the reason is the consistency, vitality and impactful contemporary seriousness in the expression of art, while preserving the old-world handmade ethics and cherishing the history of timeless civilization. The complexity of life form and wide understanding of the regional artisans influences their work, thus making India a melting pot of cultural and artistic luxury products.

OneVeranda is one such destination, an online gallery, where premium products from various parts of India have been curated under varied designer labels. Our shout-out is to visit the e-store and celebrate the contemporary form of Indian artwork to breathe the nascent contemporary Indian whiff in UK.

Own a piece of Indian Culture draped in Luxury

Indian culture is ageless, yet ever evolving, embodying a nuanced taste of contemporary art without losing its historic vibrancy. OneVeranda, a premium brand, invigorates the dwindling emotions associated with those long passage of time that witnessed all the clamor and rattles of the folklores, forgotten amidst the sophistication of modernity. Be it an exquisite candle holder, a jewelry or a finely weaved silks and cottons or the vibrancy of colors, at OneVeranda every piece represents a riveting story of finesse and authenticity.

The creativity of Indian artisans and delicacy in their craftmanship transpires into every handmade item they churn out from the depth of their soul, whether shaping a colorful lacquered bangle, carving a box case or weaving a magnificent handloom jacket from fine threads. The raw materials such as linen, copper, brass or silk used in the making of these various home décor products, clothes and accessories are 100% environmental friendly and non-hazardous. The visceral story of their industrious toil and scorching painstaking process within minimal resources, without the technological edge, is brought together from various nooks and crannies of India. The humble undertone and detailed workmanship culminates into the finest luxury label, reaching out to the faraway niche customers.

London is one of the world’s leading design capital and haven to illustrious fashion brands. The affluent population in UK who long for uniqueness still crave for exotic piece of work across the border. The customers who are superior in their choices quite often long for eco-friendly, traditionally intriguing and culturally opulent paraphernalia, one of their kind. The allure of shopping a splendid top and pairing it with an equally brilliant jewelry is heightened when the brand entails a telltale of immense detailing and essence of ethereal naturality behind every product on display. OneVeranda is answer to those desires that goes beyond the boundaries of Europe, equating mystic colors and glimpses of day-to-day life with a magical element of exclusivity.

The spirit of earthiness of the craft-persons and grandeur of indigenous designers is brought together under one roof by our team at OneVeranda. With an eye for detailing and knowledge of majestic lifestyle our choicest designers infuse the high-end cutting-edge demand into those otherwise traditional artifacts and weaves. Bonding art and life seamlessly is the mantra at OneVeranda, arduously curating to surmise under the coveted brand at their online store. Let our products do the talking, when the snootiness and inimitability of their distinct semblance touches the cavernous persona of exquisite clientele, exemplifying the classic legacy of rich ethos.

OneVeranda, a luxury brand, a curator of best-in-class furniture, apparel and accessories, offers exclusive collection to celebrate, wear and decorate the artform in its different tenets and hues without a place for mediocrity.

Exquisite Indian Crafts Now Available in UK

Blank walls, are they waiting for some eye-catching object?

Boring tabletop, is it looking for a conversational piece?

There is some good news.

Over a few dozens of exquisite, handcrafted artifacts imported from India are waiting for you to pick them up. No more procrastination as the unique Indian artworks are now available online, for the discerning buyers.

Present Yourself as Art Protector

The 8 point Star Plates made of Brass, with over half a century old traditional Tin-plating is proof positive. BTW, tin-plating makes the objects resistant to citrus fruit juices and protects food.

Bring out the designer in you…

  1. Pair them in a pattern and they look an irresistible centerpiece.
  2. Use them as the serving platter.
  3. Hang them on walls and instantly grab visitor’sattention.
  4. Serve something directly on them forcing the visitor raise eyebrows.

Bring the erstwhile “British Raj” Artifacts in your Living Room


The British, while ruling India had easy access to many beautiful, exquisite and wonderful artifacts from the local artisans. One such example is the Kharadi Community of teakwood turners who created masterpieces. The Pen-stand, the Tape-dispenser and Paperweights speak for themselves. Purchase them and hold them in your hand to see how exquisitely crafted pieces are enhancing your home. And learning how, Kharadi Community has the expertise in making delicate spindles out of teakwood. Our representatives have already engaged with this community and busy finding other “forgotten” beauties and encouraging them to bring to fore such objects d’ Art for our esteemed clients.

Great Posters for your Foyer

Indian cows are already dwindling and the long horned pretty much faster. Our collection of posters boasts the long-horned cows worshipped in India in full fervor. Depicting NANDI, the pious bull, Lord Shiva’s vehicle bedecked with saffron colour. We have displayed just six of these Nandi Bull posters and one of them stands off with just a hint of colour, in the form of a BINDI on the forehead.

Adorn your Tabletop with Beautiful Talking Pieces

Guests will get curious looking at the Horseshoe Crab at your table, when you announce it as a bottle opener, they cannot help exclaiming… They might never imagine the Gecko Bottle Opener doing the same but nevertheless keep thinking about and viewing from all sides.


One thing is sure, they will surely question about the spherical Sandook (or the storage box). For connoisseurs we have three varieties in brass: plain, silver & gold finish. We recommend raising their inquisitiveness by storing some surprising items, not normally found on a tabletop.


For those having a connect with erstwhile Mogul rulers, the Zafar Jaali, carved stone screens of the Royal Palaces replicated in aluminum is the perfect display option. Named after the last Mogul Emperor, Bahadur Shah Zafar, this lightweight carving will surely attract many eyes.

Large Vases with in-between See-through section

Beautifully lacquered vases with wooden legs have a see-through middle section. It makes pretty sensible seeing the flowers and the stem & leaves. Available in different colours, they adorn your room like no other.

Online shops often confuse buyers with overwhelming choices, but not so at OneVeranda. We prefer displaying a few items per category which makes choosing easy. No more head spinning as you can easily decide and take your pick quickly.