Exquisite Indian Crafts Now Available in UK

Hand Crafts Available in UK

Blank walls, are they waiting for some eye-catching object?

Boring tabletop, is it looking for a conversational piece?

There is some good news.

Over a few dozens of exquisite, handcrafted artifacts imported from India are waiting for you to pick them up. No more procrastination as the unique Indian artworks are now available online, for the discerning buyers.

Present Yourself as Art Protector

The 8 point Star Plates made of Brass, with over half a century old traditional Tin-plating is proof positive. BTW, tin-plating makes the objects resistant to citrus fruit juices and protects food.

Bring out the designer in you…

  1. Pair them in a pattern and they look an irresistible centerpiece.
  2. Use them as the serving platter.
  3. Hang them on walls and instantly grab visitor’sattention.
  4. Serve something directly on them forcing the visitor raise eyebrows.

Bring the erstwhile “British Raj” Artifacts in your Living Room


The British, while ruling India had easy access to many beautiful, exquisite and wonderful artifacts from the local artisans. One such example is the Kharadi Community of teakwood turners who created masterpieces. The Pen-stand, the Tape-dispenser and Paperweights speak for themselves. Purchase them and hold them in your hand to see how exquisitely crafted pieces are enhancing your home. And learning how, Kharadi Community has the expertise in making delicate spindles out of teakwood. Our representatives have already engaged with this community and busy finding other “forgotten” beauties and encouraging them to bring to fore such objects d’ Art for our esteemed clients.

Great Posters for your Foyer

Indian cows are already dwindling and the long horned pretty much faster. Our collection of posters boasts the long-horned cows worshipped in India in full fervor. Depicting NANDI, the pious bull, Lord Shiva’s vehicle bedecked with saffron colour. We have displayed just six of these Nandi Bull posters and one of them stands off with just a hint of colour, in the form of a BINDI on the forehead.

Adorn your Tabletop with Beautiful Talking Pieces

Guests will get curious looking at the Horseshoe Crab at your table, when you announce it as a bottle opener, they cannot help exclaiming… They might never imagine the Gecko Bottle Opener doing the same but nevertheless keep thinking about and viewing from all sides.


One thing is sure, they will surely question about the spherical Sandook (or the storage box). For connoisseurs we have three varieties in brass: plain, silver & gold finish. We recommend raising their inquisitiveness by storing some surprising items, not normally found on a tabletop.


For those having a connect with erstwhile Mogul rulers, the Zafar Jaali, carved stone screens of the Royal Palaces replicated in aluminum is the perfect display option. Named after the last Mogul Emperor, Bahadur Shah Zafar, this lightweight carving will surely attract many eyes.

Large Vases with in-between See-through section

Beautifully lacquered vases with wooden legs have a see-through middle section. It makes pretty sensible seeing the flowers and the stem & leaves. Available in different colours, they adorn your room like no other.

Online shops often confuse buyers with overwhelming choices, but not so at OneVeranda. We prefer displaying a few items per category which makes choosing easy. No more head spinning as you can easily decide and take your pick quickly.

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