Exquisite Upcycled Jewelry from India’s Master Craftsmen Available Online


Are a modern UK woman bored of the humdrum practical business casuals and sharp work jewelry? You, my valued reader, have come to the right article today. What’s more,you are extending a helping hand to the metal upcycling industry of the world’s second most populated country India!

Yes, we are talking about upcycled Indian jewelry that would not cost you a fortune owing to the traditional metals like Copper, Bronze, Brassware and others that are being reused in them. It’s not only eco-friendly to give your environment conscious soul a sigh of relief, but also gives you the satisfaction of buying it directly from the Indian artisans who deserve to be paid for their skills and craft and creativity and sweat they put into it for you to rock that modern Indian vibe.

nuggetOneveranda’s Finest Collection of Earrings and Necklaces
The collection has pieces ranging from Earrings, Necklaces of various lengths and some gorgeous Rings. Want more accessories? We heard you! Your work-wear would thank you! Such are the masterpieces you just can’t stop buying only one but leaves you wanting more…

Bring India Home (well, almost)!
Now we also have in stock specially designed Boutique items such as handbags and Indian Embroidered apparels. Do not blame us if you fall in love! Blame it on the creative masterminds at work, our artists!

India is known for his rich cultural heritage and traditions of colours, sound & aroma. Among these traditions are very specific gift giving guidelines concerning wedding gifts and wedding jewelry. Gifts of jewelry are not just appreciated but practically expected as part of proper Indian etiquette, indeed among friends and family world over.

Recent hikes in gold premiums have really put a damper on purchasing plans for many who are planning upcoming events. Even people, that in the past had no difficulty investing in the costly items that go along with a wedding, birthdays have to reconsider some of their past habits and come up with new, and creative ways to fulfill their desire to gifting the loved ones without going broke themselves.

Upcycled Jewelry that doesn’t cost a bomb
Budget friendly options are herewith our recycled jewelry …. While you may wonder if it’s a compromise but we definitely do not see them as compromise, given the grace at these pieces add to your aura. Not only that, when you are wearing one of these, you are rightfully wearing jewelry that has some personality!

Adorning these pieces of artwork not only enhances strong emotional feelings but also completes a one’s appearance – it makes you feel indulgent, beautiful, successful, confident and alluring. Women who wear thismodern jewelry consider it to be an integral part of their appearance, and consider it as a necessary item rather than just an accessory, irrespective of their country of origin. Due to this you should consider gifting them…

Upcycling not only saves our precious earth space, it helps fulfill many women’s aspirations of wearing exquisite jewelry. As these shining pieces add to your aura, we don’t see anyone complaining for any reason. And when master craftsmen are benefiting monetarily and by recognition, why step backwards?

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