Handmade new collection coming soon…


jjNew Image3Tulsi collection of fashion accessories are handmade by women artisans and it involves the same age old delicate and traditional methods which were almost lost and very few artisans remain, who are skilled enough to make these wooden lacquered beads for fashion accessories like necklaces, earrings. This collection is almost a revival of these beads in today’s fast moving fashion world to give you something earthy and everlasting…

Only the large bangles in this collection are crafted by skilled men.

dvInspired by natural elements like creepers. Even the colours are symbolic to natural surroundings like blue is extracted from indigo, the same indigo gives other tones like olive green and more. Yellow comes from Turmeric and reds are tones of pomegranate.

This collection is almost like a second skin due to weightlessness. We believe that you will wear the pieces of this collocation with pride knowing that you have contributed to reviving of the age-old craft.

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