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Tranquility of Past, Harmonious Present, Future in mind

‘Home is where the heart is’ a saying that never lost its sheen with time, only reinstates itself in newer forms and trends. Mainly required potion into the making of a home is love and bonding. However, the wall art, furniture & furnishing, kitchen ware, a vibrant corner and various other items that you throw in to decorate, outlines your otherwise mundane interiors and spark the soul of your very own heart. OneVeranda as a retailer understands the emotions that are poured into while each piece around the shelf and counter is chosen with care to blend in with a personal connect.

Each of the products whether kitchenware or home accents, they have a unique appeal and are designed with a philosophy and tale of rich heritage and cultural lush without being too obvious. A pepper mill at the dining table not only serves the purpose but also has a stylish architectural robustness as an assorted décor. Similarly, the Closh that evokes roaring of the twenties is not a mere piece to cover food items, it carries a folklore of the nuptial of reigning Western jazz and burlesque Indian handicraft.

Moving to the living room, candle holders might be a cliché, yet the timeless designs such as the Umaid Candle holder is altogether a figment of restrained, splendid and balanced art. The distinctly constructed vase seems simple yet a sophisticated display that entirely reflects and implies your choice in exclusivity. These hand-made contemporary designs are an epitome of humble art-bound approach, affirming that luxury comes in several sizes and shapes. OneVeranda is one of its kind platform with its signature collection for a confident affluent shopper, just a click away.

The eclectic collection of home décor products at our online store is so much more than an applied label. The product range entails a core journey, starting from meticulous designing by contemporary art connoisseurs, labor of indigenous artisans to curating them at our destination gallery for unsurpassed customer engagement.


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