Mood Lighting Ideas for Your Home

Old is gold and despite progressing in the digital age, many of us cherish everything vintage but looking for a contemporary design input. There is a certain charm, purity and some down to earth quality that encompassed everything nearby. These qualities are, sadly missed in all the mass-produced fancy products. For example, glassware still holds its fort and we just cannot get the same feel with any other material. We at bring you the marriage of metal, glass, stone and wood crafted translated in to a range of lighting that reflects the bygone crafts that translate in to contemporary range to adorn your home.

Lighting is one of the first consideration for homeowners to subtly but effectively influence the ambience of your home. This could either be for your own comfort & convenience or to set the mood for your guests. When skillfully applied, lighting can elicit a wide range of emotional responses. Mood lightings have the added advantage of posing as a talking piece and showcase the host in a different light altogether.

Ring Tea Light HolderOur collection can serve many purposes. The range includes Votive cluster made of sustainably harvested wood lacquered with shellac, naturally perfumed glass candles, Lacquered Ring Tea Light Holder featuring banana fiber paper, Oil based lamps with patterned shadows, Candle holder boasting of glass tube & wooden pedestal, and Soot free steadily illuminated glass lamps.

Benefits of Mood Lighting

It’s a given that switching off the electricity and lighting up either candles or oil-based lamps, is an instant way to add some “mood” to your space.  Candlelight softens your features and adds a warm, alluring glow to any space.  Dinner parties, outdoor soirees, casual evenings in with friends all assume a different meaning and have a positive effect.

Hang an oil-based glass enclosed lamp on a thin string in the room. The glass sides, the wick flame would remain steady and brightly illuminate your room, creating light and shadow enhancing the space. When gentle breeze flows, the slowly oscillating pendulum will mesmerize your audience. Maintaining pin-drop silence will create an aura engulfing all around. This setting is great for any religious or mythological discourse.

If you have white walls, you can use the Votive for a soothing effect. Put off all electrical lights and these small shimmering lights will add dash of elegance.

Amaya LampPlace a few of Amaya lamps on your residence gate to welcome guests. The entrance of your home is a great way to welcome guests and set the tone for the evening. The lowly flickering flames’ dim lighting serves the purpose beautifully by transitioning visitors from bright streetlights to the conversation pieces’ magical appearance.

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