Why Buy

Our passion

To answer the call of a forgotten era where each hand-crafted object was a masterpiece of dazzling colour and polished finesse and to blend this exotic magnificence seamlessly into the most stylish cuts and current obsessions of European fashion.

The veranda

The call of the silk seller in the scorching sun of an afternoon; when the ladies of the house emerged with a tinkle of anklets into the cool of the veranda, and the rustle of silks and colourful banter began. From shimmering brassware to painted ceramic pots, from block-printed cotton to brilliant wooden toys for the wide-eyed children who sat bedazzled ... the veranda saw them all traded, their stories laid out on the cool stone floor, their creators weaving a bit of their pride into each tiny piece.

One Veranda is a tribute to this rich tradition – where craftsperson and connoisseur meet. Where rich lore is threaded into unique one-of-a-kind objects d’art.

A curator of wearable, usable, liveable art

Art that will stand on your dining table, dress you for work or an evening out, adorn your ear or throat, welcome people into your home. One Veranda is a collaborative project which will showcase the finest of furniture, home decor, luxury product design, precious objects and fashion. Our designers will be chosen for their panache and only those with an unimpeachable attention to detail, material and craftsmanship will make the grade.

Brought to you by cutting-edge technology

The collections will feature in our online store, and will be exclusive to our customers. Statement pieces, limited editions, ensembles which will be audaciously different, matches made between old weaves and cutting-edge design - all within your reach. We believe creativity should be taken off the catwalk and into your home. And it starts with One Veranda. At the click of your cursor.