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No Mad

“Daydream” is an inner journey. We live in a world where everything goes faster and where we need to resource ourselves. A need to be and to feel at home, surrounded by family, a pleasant and peaceful environment, furniture and objects we love. We starve for comfort in the broadest sense to live a “Daydream” surroundings reminiscent of the nest, where one feels in peace and secure, away from the daily aggression. A spring board for “farniente” and dreams.

It is this environment that we want to create. Families of products related to this need for “nesting”. Simple but “real”, a palpable but not visible luxury. A return to sources and traditions. In India, we live near the floor, we like to sit cross-legged, rest on a charpaï. Surrounded by textiles, enjoying a cup of good tea and escape to the delicious strolling areas, dreams, wellness… We take time to live and to listen to ourselves.

concept store, was over time modified into a brand whose heart beats for India. An avid net surfer, he chanced upon Valerie Barkowski’s body of work accidentally. Was blown away by what he saw and intuitively felt that she would be the right person to develop the idea he had in mind. What followed was a series of meetings in Mumbai and Paris and in a few months, the NO-MAD Journey began…

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