AKAARO has its origin in a Sanskrit word which means the letter “a”. With a focus on reviving the appreciation and desire for contemporary Indian handwoven textiles, Akaaro produces woven classics through an intensive technical design process that is structured in the form of studio weaving. We make contemporary handwoven textiles with an ethical approach to our process. We experiment with different regional materials alongside unconventional materials that has resulted in specialised products such as a range of stainless steel fabrics - which is a demonstration of what can be achieved with handlooms and basic woven techniques. Signifying the importance of Handcrafting over mechanised production. The cross fertilisation between the fabric and the silhouette, where each one informs the other is a defining and unique aspect of our process.

At Akaaro we strive to overcome logistic limitations by identifying specialized clusters and synergizing their skills with our own knowledge base at the studio in Delhi. This vibrant exchange enables us to achieve innovation in our products which are eulogizing in spirit and at the heart, Indian. Our commitment to developing our knowledge base and the significance we place on the technical details of our design processes is what makes us unique.

Marked by a generic concept of colour and natural material which reflects an innate human need to embellish one’s self, Akaaro works with, and is committed to, the life and longevity of Indian craftsmanship.

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