ANJARA Spice Box Candle (Abhidi/Nisadi/Nimrukti/Basil-Lime) By No-Mad
No Mad-likes authenticity and finds it in the Indian kitchen for example, and more specifically in the aluminum spice boxes, an indispensable accessory of most Indian household. The sentiment and aroma has influenced the makers into hosting tailored scented candles. Strong and delicate as the spices that normally fill these containers are the signature No-Mad fragrances Abhidi, Nisadi, Nimrukti and Basil- Lime; ANJARA is an assortment of these signature fragrances.
  • 7 Katoris/Spice box (2 Abhidi, 2 Nisadi, 2 Nimrukti, 1 Basil-Lime).
  • Composition: 100 % soy wax, 100% Cotton Wick, Essential oils.
  • Care: Trim wick 1/4th inch each time before lighting. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Candles should always be placed away from inflammable materials. Do not place candle on heat sensitive surface.

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